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What Midland Langar Seva Society have achieved in the UK

The journey all started back in 2013 in Walsall town centre with a handful of dedicated volunteers serving 50 meals servings per week.

Today MLSS are blessed to be from 24 City locations, with over 400 volunteers, a fleet of transport and a Bus. Today's feed MLSS serve over 30,000 meals per week. In 2013 MLSS was inspired by Guru Nanak Dev Ji 1st Guru of Sikhs. Vandkeh Shakna, to share what you have with others. MLSS was formed with some volunteers.

The inspiration and vision continued and spread into Birmingham, Wolverhampton, from the Midlands, then afterwards other locations such as London, Bristol, Blackpool. There were no shortage of volunteers, and donations were plenty and gratefully received. As a result, MLSS attracted the attention of businesses, partners and the media. As the expansion grew MLSS were truly humbled when nominated for awards for contributions to Britain.

MLSS need funding to support the following projects and we desperately rely on support from you. 

West Bromwich
Leamington Spa
Milton Keynes
Southall (London)
Acton (London)
Slough (London)


As the expansion grew MLSS were truly humbled when nominated for awards for contributions to Britain.

  • Queens Award for Voluntary Service Group MBE (June 2018) 
  • Prime ministers Point of Light Award (January 2018)
  • TSB Local Pride of Birmingham (April 2017)
  • Local Awards across UK 2013 (2018) 

In 2017 the Midland Langar Seva Society launched its biggest project to date, the ‘Guru Nanak Dev Ji Langar Bus’, allowing our teams to now travel and accommodate to poverty-stricken areas and give service users the chance to move away from the cold to be in a warm and safe environment, even if just for a little while.

We have plans in place to use the Bus for moments of disaster to come to the aid of those in need, like with that of Grenfell.

Where do you come in?


We are always on the look out for new volunteers to come on board and help us move forward with our projects.

However, if you find you are unable to volunteer, we also require help with funding in order to continue supporting these projects and enables us to remain consistent in meeting the needs of those who truly need it.

If you think either of these speak directly to you, fill out the form below, highlighting how you wish to help and if you're volunteering, where you will be available to assist! 


Although UK homelessness was where the project began, you can see from the services below, we will stop at nothing to 'Build a Better Britain'.



Period Poverty


Providing female Hygiene products to local schools in deprived areas.

Veteran Support


Ensuring our veterans are fully supported and provided for.

Children's Breakfast Clubs


In deprived schools’ breakfast is provided. This increases children attention in class and reduces behavioural issues.

Women's Shelters


MLSS also drive to undisclosed locations across cities the UK providing support and provisions. These vulnerable women are in hiding from abusive relationships.

Christmas Shoe Box


Every child / adult deserves that something special. MLSS ensure that no child in poverty misses out in the festive season.

Emergency 24hr Parcel Drop


Recently MLSS provide parcel drops, containing all essential items to last a few days.

Corporate Events


Corporations bringing employees to help serve.

MLSS UK Homelessness


This project was just the start. You can see from the services provided we inspire to Build a Better Britain.

Want to volunteer? Let us know.