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What We do & Why we do it

Midland Langar Seva Society is a charity to help the homeless and those in need around the UK.  The charity was established October 2013 in Walsall providing hot food and drink to those living on the street and those on the poverty line.   MLSS operates on Sikh based ethos, where we help and support all people from all cultures and backgrounds.


MLSS over last 5 years expanded its services, and now works tirelessly across all major cities in the UK.  We have over 30k service users in the UK who need help and support in addition MLSS have formed many links with other charities, businesses and government / religious organisations combating homelessness together to make a better Britain. 

Please visit our website for a list of areas in UK.

MLSS distributes 37k feeds per month across the UK alone with over 500service volunteers and a fleet of vehicles to help support making it one of the largest homeless charities in the UK.  The food served is vegetarian so it is catered for all people from all backgrounds.  Along with food MLSS distribute clothes, blankets, footwear, winterwear and hygiene products. 

Expanding on new initiatives such as period poverty, school breakfast clubs, women refuge centres, Army Veteran support and recently 24hr emergency parcel drop off.

Over the years MLSS have received many awards for the contribution and service to Britain: -

Queens Award for Voluntary Service Group MBE - June 2018
Prime ministers Point of Light Award  - Jan 2018
TSB Local Pride of Birmingham  - April 2017
Local Awards across UK 2013 - 2018

Queens Award for Voluntary Service Group MBE - June 2018

Prime ministers Point of Light Award  - Jan 2018

TSB Local Pride of Birmingham  - April 2017

Local Awards across UK 2013 - 2018

In 2017 MLSS launched its biggest project to date ‘Guru Nanak Dev Ji Langar Bus’ where MLSS bus now go to poverty-stricken areas and distribute with service-users coming onboard making use of the facilities in a warm and safe environment.  In time the bus will be used in disaster areas such as the Grenfell incident. 

MLSS Worldwide

As a result of the handwork in the UK, MLSS has successfully put projects abroad and subsequently the ‘Midlands’ on the world map.  MLSS are now operating in Germany, Bangkok, and made regular trips to Greece, France (Calais) and recently Thailand.

MLSS have progressed in India in Punjab serving those children / families who have been abandoned, displaced or become refugees.  Providing free education, clothing and support including their families.  In Sep this year MLSS provided assistance in marrying couples from poor backgrounds providing them with memorable days and a means of earning a honest living.

MLSS Donations

MLSS relies on donations from donators, businesses and the public to support the charity and require need regular income, any donation received can be chosen to our UK or World projects.  MLSS do not pay any volunteers.  Any donation is greatly received just as important please get in touch with us so you can also experience this service. MLSS is truly humbled by this opportunity presented and we move forward together with your support.

Langar is the term used in the Sikh religion or in Punjab for general or common kitchen / canteen where food is served for free, without prejudice regardless of race, religion, and background.


Truth is high but higher still is truthful living.(5)

– Guru Nanak Dev Ji - Ang62 Guru Granth Sahib Ji

UK Projects

UK Projects

Worldwide Projects

Worldwide Projects

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